Old, Surplus or Outdated Telecom Equipment

How to Get Rid of Old, Surplus or Outdated Telecom Equipment

Telecommunication industry, just like the rest of tech-focused verticals, is more susceptible to major changes. Telecom type that fit this decade might go obsolete in the next decade or two. One mostly brought up example would be that of landline telephones. They were nothing short of a miracle in the internet-less world – serving as a great link between departments, branches, and offshore/onshore clients. While useful, these bulky devices cost businesses significant set-up money and office space. The introduction of wireless technology replaced these landlines to a greater extent.

That said, the Telecom industry is constantly evolving. Apart from the obvious usefulness, the need to stay current compels organizations to forgo legacy for modern equipment. Wireless phones (and now smartphones) have replaced bulky telephones, Conferencing units are taken over by internet-based communication systems and alike. Other factors like mergers/acquisitions, business migrations, cost-cutting also contribute to surplus telecom equipment.

Collecting these old, surpluses and/or outdated telecom equipment is neither feasible nor required. Maintaining them takes up money, labor, and space, which you could utilize on productive things. But, taking them as useless pieces with no monetary value is a blunder. Contrary to popular belief, your old and used IT equipment still holds value. If you’re one of those organization thinking to dispose of your old equipment, this post might help you gain some actionable insights.


The first on the list is the obvious choice; reusing your device. Of course, this method won’t be applicable for every device and will depend highly on the organization type. For example, a company working with companies won’t go back to supercomputers for various reasons. Same with landlines. But small VoIP equipment can be reused to a greater extent if they are in a working condition that is.

The bottom-line is to reuse every bit and parcel if you can; it would save you both time and money.

Now, segregating useful assets from redundant ones might look easy, but it’s not. Telecom Recycle can help! You can request us a quick evaluation and assessment, and we’ll get our professionals to de-install all the said ‘unwanted’ pieces to look for useful components. Don’t worry, when asked for we provide our customers with detailed inventory so you won’t lose anything precious.


While uncommon, many organizations choose to donate their used IT and Telecom equipment to NGOs and other charity fests. It might not be a budget-friendly choice, but it can help your business get that extra tax credit (you might want to check out with the NGO for the paperwork and all for smoother tax deduction process). Donating is feasible for companies owning used but working equipment which can be reused greatly.


The third and most popular step is to Sell telecom equipment. Approaching the equipment distributor and manufacturer is the best way to start with the whole selling process. See if they are interested (they usually are). Private selling is a tedious process with a lot of luck factor involved. Many companies lose out on the market value of their equipment, often selling their surplus telecom equipment at a much lower cost.

You can avoid all of that by going for Telecom Recycle’ prompt services. We buy all sorts of VoIP, IP Phones, Switches, telecommunications, business phones, networking, and wireless communications equipment from a range of brands. We use our industry expertise and deep understanding of the current market stats to get you correct value for your equipment. 


Another rare but 100% workable option is to hold an auction for your recycled telecom equipment. Bidding game is perfect for vintage equipment or other high-demand telecom equipment. This way you get full control over the whole selling process, favorable rates and access to buyers directly.


Recycling is good if your device is damaged and cannot be reused or sold. But if you are planning to recycle your IT equipment, always look for an ITAD company. Irresponsible telecom equipment recycling is a thing which can cost you both funds and reputation- which we don’t want.

An ITAD company would ensure that you get your equipment disposed of in an environment-friendly manner. Any useful material found while scraping will be returned to the rightful owner.

As we just saw, disposing of old and obsolete IT and VoIP equipment is easier than you think. You have plenty of options available, from selling, donating to ITAD recycling, which can bring you monetary benefit. Don’t let your telecom equipment gather dust!

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