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Excess Equipment Purchase & Disposal Management, Green Asset Recycling Services & More

We provide 360° IT assets & telecom liquidation and dissolution services to our clients around the globe.

Our liquidation experts help provide feasible & pocket friendly solutions for a perfect & orderly enclosure to a company by taking care of their valuable equipment. Our top-notch liquidation services help you successfully navigate transitional periods!

Our Liquidation Expertise Spectrum.

Excess Equipment Purchase & Disposal Management: Quick and effective; our liquidation experts are there to assist you throughout the hardware liquidation and dissolution process of your surplus assets- from quote assessment to the final removal of the equipment.

Green Asset Recycling Services: We, at Telecom Recycle, believe in going green with our disposal and liquidation process. Being responsible natives of the mother earth, we ensure a safe extraction of valuable raw materials from your inutile equipment and reuse them.

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    Asset Recovery Management


    Asset Recovery Management

    TelecomRecycle offers a full spectrum asset recovery management services on competitive prices with a complementary valuation for your company assets.

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    Telecom and IT Recycling services


    Telecom and IT Recyling

    Your no-valued equipment also carry some value and we understand that. We provide complete, legal, ethical and fair recycling services for your IT assets.

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    E-waste Management


    A Go To Guide For All Your Surplus And Inutile IT Equipment Disposal Related Queries

    Let us make your disposal journey feasible and a lot easier with this quick guide. From picking up the right equipment to dispose, value realisation to correct disposal method and payment assessment; know everything you need to know and more!

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    • Responsible Recycling - Telecom Recycle
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