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Surplus IT Equipment Solutions

Our liquidation experts are there to solve all your excess, obsolete, and bulk IT equipment related queries!

Whether your business is experiencing downsizing, techno-revamp, acquisition/merger, or shutting its operations permanently, let us take in your used and outdated equipments for absolutely fair market value. We promise top quality services including safe handling and procurement, packing, removals, and shipping without being a hassle to your ongoing business scene. We value time and money, hence no time is wasted on unnecessary negotiations!

Quick encashments with reliable services. Now that is what every business needs!

Why is Telecom Recycle the Right Choice?

  • Hassle Free Services
  • In Depth Domain Knowledge
  • Prompt Encashing Services

Effective ITAD Solutions to Manage Redundant Telecom and VoIP Equipments

Business Wind up Solutions

Company going out of business

Planning to sell your used IT assets before you wind down your company’s operations permanently?  Telecom Recycle can help ease...

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Surplus Telecom Equipments Solutions

Sell my business telecom equipment

We offer top dollar and even pay your shipping for your surplus phone system or parts. With 25+ years of...

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Recoup Maximum Value from Old Telecom Equipment

Recoup maximum value

Specializing in asset recovery and telecom recycling, we help companies of all sizes recapture maximum value off their once-valuable equipments....

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Migration to Newer Technology - Telecom Recycle

Migration to newer technology

Are you looking to dispose off your outdated telecom equipments? Turn to Telecom Recycle. We provide the best and fair...

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Company Downsizing Solutions

Company downsizing

Secure and reasonable; our on-the-spot and reliable purchase systems are the best for the companies that are planning to cut...

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Acquisition and Merger IT Solutions


Our above par asset management solutions help companies going through acquisition/mergers manage their surplus assets better. Fast, fair and perfect;...

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Certifications and Accreditations

  • Auburn Hills -Chamber of Commerce
  • Responsible Recycling - Telecom Recycle
  • eTN