Asset Recovery Management, Telecom and IT Recycling and Liquidation Services


Recovery, Recycling & Refurbishment Services Tailored to your Business Needs!

Asset Recovery Management

From pickups, asset removal to secure destruction; we offer comprehensive asset recovery management services on competitive prices!

Asset Recovery Management Services

Asset Buyback, Asset Disposal & More

Our recovery team is prompt and proactively dedicated to help companies remove & destruct data, manage logistics and finally dispose the assets in a more controlled way, so they extract the maximum out of it.

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Telecom And IT Recycling

Safe & Responsible; we provide proper management solutions for your used & dying Telecom & IT equipments.

Telecom and IT Recycling

Data Destruction, Hand Disassembling !

TelecomRecycle is fully committed to provide secure and responsible equipment resale, reuse & disposal services with proper recycling standards laid by the state, combined with a zero landfill policy.

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Liquidation Services

Our experienced practitioners help make your Liquidation journey easier!

Computer Liquidation Service Provider

Telecom and IT asset Liquidation!

We provide 360° liquidation and dissolution services to help provide feasible & pocket friendly solutions for a perfect & orderly enclosure to a company. 

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    Certifications and Accreditations

    • Auburn Hills -Chamber of Commerce
    • Responsible Recycling - Telecom Recycle
    • eTN