Company downsizing

Secure and reasonable; our on-the-spot and reliable purchase systems are the best for the companies that are planning to cut costs and downsize. Sell us your used IT equipments for a fair market value today!

Solutions That Exceed Expectations

Cost cutting and downsizing- two situations that none of the organizations want to experience. If they have a choice, that is. Unfortunately, such situations aren’t once a blue moon thing.

We witness a number of companies downsizing every month. Apart from workforce reduction and a complete restruction of the business process, most of them are left with now inutile used & working equipments that take up extra office space.

Let us take care of them for you!

We buy all variants of used IT & VoIP equipment including wireless, routers, telephone sets, etc to ease your asset disposition process!

Company downsizing leads to the surplus amount of telecom equipment and the organization looks for ways to dispose of them. The whole process we follow is rigorous: 

Step 1. Submit your equipment details you have ready for disposal

Step 2. Our dedicated team of professionals holds the equipment and will quote accordingly. 

Step 3. We will finalize a day to arrange equipment using transportation services. 

Step 4. With our recycling facility, we properly make the equipment undergo rigorously. After the data gets disposed off, the process will get documented. We will keep all your important data safe. 

Step 5. Once the process is done, we issue the report with other formalities.

Step 6. The payment is completed in 3-4 working days with your complete data

Submit your excess IT equipment details to get a free quote

Company Downsizing Solutions