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3 Steps to Ensure Maximum Recovery for your Surplus Telecom Equipment

As a growing business, you come across many checkpoints. Initially, you engage in an area, buy assets, and hire people to run your company. Then comes the expansion stage where you add more assets, people, and area (if required) to your initial set up. It is an on-going chain for most, if not every, business – regardless of its type or domain.

But, managing assets is only one side of the coin. The other side is disposing of surplus assets. When you grow, technology also changes. While this aspect might not directly affect a variety of industries, it is particularly crucial for businesses that depend on IT and telecom equipment. A study by The Investment Recovery Association (IRA) concluded that about 20 percent of a company’s assets are surplus to its needs. This means, roughly one-fifth of every organization’s equipment is left unused and take up unnecessary space in the inventory.

However, the disposition of old and outdated telecom equipment is not a recent trend; it has been there since the early days of the computer, just on a lower scale. While disposing surplus telecom assets is an inevitable feat, disposing them with maximum revenue recovery possible is smart work.

Easier said than done, right? We’ve listed three crucial steps that might help you with smart Telecom surplus recovery!

Step 1. Identify Your Surplus

The first step to everything is – analyzing. Before you know what to do with your surplus telecom equipment, you must know what they are. The exact number of your surplus equipment, to be precise. To get this data, you’ll need to conduct a full-scale audit of your business facility. Record everything you can, viz., asset name, type, condition, where it is located, if it’s redundant or can be redeployed.

Those owning a variety of facilities can avail the extensive features of asset management software. It would help you to record, update, and track your valued assets in real-time, making your auditing journey a much quicker one.

After organizations determine which equipment and assets are no longer needed and which can be redeployed internally, they must then focus their efforts on selling their surplus assets. Upon determination that an asset is no longer needed within the organization, the focus of the
the program should be turned to the secondary markets.

Step 2. Look for the Best Method for your IT Asset Disposition

After you have a list of equipment or assets that are no longer needed, you must focus on what to do with them. You might want to physically hand them to a buyer you know, or look for online vendors who’d do the hard work for you. Or, you might want to send them for safe recycling if it’s too depreciated and/or not fit for sale. Since the disposal method will highly depend upon the assets’ potential value, you should be smart in choosing the process that might get you the fairest cash.

To make things simpler for you, we’ve listed down the pros and cons of onsite and online IT disposal:

a) Onsite Selling: The traditional way, perfect for those who know buys that can give their market fair prices for their used and outdated equipment.

● Low risk
● You know where your asset is going
● Trust-factor
● Transportation cost. You’ll have to bear expenses for packing and relocating.
● More direct handling means more damage to the assets.
● Limited scale of buying
● Dependency on the buyer’s condition/schedule

b) Online Selling: Disposing of your surplus equipment online help you reach a wide audience. You get to bargain around to get the best price for your assets.

● Quick and convenient
● Prices are less susceptible to changing local and/or economic influence.
● You won’t have to pay for transportation as most of the online vendors offer free relocation
● You get to manage your own timelines

Step 3. Select the Right Vendor

Pay special attention to choosing the correct disposal partner for your surplus telecom equipment. Regardless of your IT disposal type- onsite or online- a right vendor is a key to get the maximum recovery for your assets. With the legal, environmental, security, and economic issues going around in the business world, you cannot afford to not to get involved with a trusted partner for your asset recovery process. Especially when your business’ reputation is at stake.

Make sure your ITAD vendor is capable of handling every facet of the asset recovery program, from effective decommissioning, dismantling, safe removal, resale to responsible disposal (if needed) of telecom equipment.

With Telecom Recycle, you get maximum return on your used but functional telecom equipment. Contact us to get an exclusive and fair quote for your sellable IT equipment. Submit the bid form with all the equipment details and we’ll get back to you soon!

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