Recoup maximum value

Specializing in asset recovery and telecom recycling, we help companies of all sizes recapture maximum value off their once-valuable equipments. Simple, fast with a value for every dollar paid!

Solutions That Exceed Expectations..

We value your assets. Our years of experience in the domain and a team of experts help chalk out the best and actionable plan for your inutile equipments and execute them effectively so you recoup maximum value of them.

We understand the challenges that come with asset management, especially after they complete their designated lifecycle. This is why we are here to help you with all aspects of asset management; from refiguration, redeployment to disposition.

We have a highly scalable lab and operational facilities to ease your initial equipment assessment process. It helps derive the exact value of your sellable equipment.

Our secure disposal service includes disposing of the Telecom Equipment and gets the maximum value out of them. Telecom equipment goes through a rigorous process: 

Step 1. You contact us detailing the telecom equipment you have for disposal.

Step 2. We identify the equipment can hold value and quote accordingly.

Step 3. We arrange to collect the equipment by using our transportation services.

Step 4. At our recycling facility, we properly take the test of the equipment. The data gets disposed of, and the process gets documented.

Step 5. Once completed, we issue a recycling report from our end.

Step 6. The value of the equipment is confirmed, and the payment gets done in 2-3 working days.

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Recoup Maximum Value from Old Telecom Equipment