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Why Use ITAD Companies for your e-waste Recycling?

The IT landscape is not the same as it was a few years ago.

We have been witnessing dynamic technological changes with every passing year, the instruments and devices relevant earlier are nothing short of a legacy burden now. Organizations today are forced to either adopt the highly expensive modernization process or discard the old and outdated models altogether for new, fast and appropriate replacements.

E-waste is not only limited to outmoded devices, though. Every day we witness companies getting acquired, going through inevitable mergers, or shutting down their operations permanently. With such situations come insane amounts of devices that are no longer required. In fact, the amount of e-waste produced on a daily basis is excruciating.

While you could dispose them on your own, but the amount of time, budget, and effort that goes in assessing, managing and finally discarding redundant devices make us think twice before doing so. Additionally, the environmental responsibilities and data safeguard issues are also enough to hold us back. There is a reason why IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) companies are getting quite popular amongst businesses all around the globe.

Why should you adopt responsible ITAD services? Let’s learn in the next section.


What is ITAD?

IT Asset Disposition, or simply ITAD, is the full-fledged process involving recycling and disposal of old and inutile IT assets in a proper and responsible manner, strictly adhering to the environmental policies laid out by the government.

The ITAD market is growing rapidly with each passing year and is expected to exceed $20 Billion in next 5 years at a CAGR of 9.83%. Currently, still in its infant stage, it is growing to be a million dollar market with more and more organizations understanding the need for responsible ITAD and the cyber security risks associated with the improper disposal of the devices.


Why is it Essential to Hire an ITAD Company to Take Care of your IT Assets?

Joining hands with a responsible ITAD partner is pretty crucial if you don’t want to fall into the judicial game or suffer from an equally affecting cyber breach. Always look for companies that are transparent and thorough with their services, helping you increase your revenues by recapturing the most of your surplus equipment.

When you send your equipment for disposal, the ITAD experts will aptly categorize them according to their condition and will be dug for useful components. After the complete assessment, they will be labeled- ranging from fit-to-dispose, partially-fit or reusable. The ‘end-of-life’ equipment will then be disposed safely, keeping in mind the distress the materials may cause. The other labels will be dismantled, separated and then remarketed.


A perfect ITAD company would ensure that:

  • You get an accurate IT assessment to fish out the devices liable for disposition for proper categorization (model type, current condition, number and present market value) and tracking.
  • You get your excess devices disposed of safely without causing any environmental distress. Most of the devices contain hazardous waste like arsenic and lead which when not treated well can cause huge problems, both legal and environmental.
  • You get the maximum value out of your old and outdated devices by ferreting bits and pieces that can be re-used.
  • You meet your legal and environmental liabilities aptly.
  • You get complete data security without missing out on any sensitive information that could be used against you. By doing this properly, they ensure your brand reputation remains intact and there are no cases of lawsuits and fines.
  • You are provided with step by step reporting of our devices- from packing, transportation to the final disposal.
  • You get a Certificate of Destruction along with a series of third party
  • Certificates to verify the process involved in disposing of your equipmentmeet data security standards.


Now that you know why you should be partners with a certified and responsible ITAD company for a safe disposal of your redundant IT equipment, why don’t you give Telecom Recycle a try? Don’t hesitate, get in touch today! We are here to assist you on every step of your IT disposition- from assessing, labeling, transportation to final disposal!


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