Sell Used Business Phones

Your Old Business Phone and IT equipment Still Holds Value

Everything has an expiration date. Electronic equipment is no exception.

Imagine owning a series of working handsets, routers and what not, that only adds on clutter to your office space while providing nothing in return. They are lying there, useless, but you have no clue on what should be done. Or you are unwilling to give in to an idea that might cause you legal troubles.

While you may not be able to revive or reuse edibles that have crossed their expiration stage, reusing electronics is neither difficult nor uncommon. Several organizations solely focus on recycling and ferreting the redundant VOIP equipment for reusable materials.

Rather than disposing of your old Avaya, Citel/MCK, Nortel, Polycom, Mitel, SpectraLink, and ShoreTel business phones without an ITAD aid, you might consider the following options for a safe and responsible ditching. After all, a waste for you might be a gem for others.


Resell your used VOIP Equipment

Shutting down operations, downsizing, technology migration, acquisition/mergers- certain unavoidable business situations leave the one involved with unresolved papers and an equally disturbing series of obsolete equipment that can neither stay nor be discarded haphazardly seeing how it cost a fortune to the company when it was first bought.

Plus, the company in question might badly need monetary assistance.

The solution is clear, just go and resell your surplus and once valued equipment on a fair market price. You might look for a service provider that would help you recapture the maximum of your initial investment.

While opting for a resale, just make sure that your equipment is in a working condition. This method works the best for VOIP equipment like business phones, servers, networking hardware, routers, connectors and all that are relatively new and/or in a perfect condition. You might get more than what you expected even if the market resale value has surged.

More and more companies are going for the reselling process and the reasons quoted are vast. From the constantly evolving technology to the cut-throat competition in the business world- there is a lot more contributing to the sudden boom of the reselling business.

This is no new trend and it is here to stay, undoubtedly.

There are a number of local as well as national service providers that would willingly buy the bulk old office phones you wish to sell.


Recycle your used VOIP Equipment

If your equipment’s state doesn’t allow it to be reused in any way, you should consider recycling them. It is the best and eco-friendly option to dispose of your rather outdated and inutile equipment.

That being said, we would suggest you opt for an ITAD help and avoid recycling and disposing your equipment on your own. It would only add on to the growing amount of e-waste produced worldwide. Taking a legal and certified help will allow you to be a part of a solution, rather than being a part of the 50+ tons problem.

Involving an ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) company in your recycling business will allow you to get end-to-end recycling solutions from assessment, packing, transporting to the final disposal.

The first step would help you know if your equipment is eligible for recycling or not. Then they will be labeled, packed and sent to the recycling plant where they will be further scrutinized for valuables. After disassembling, the core components and the materials will be sorted in different heaps according to their type. Those components that cannot be reused would be shredded, ground, and converted into a fine mixture which would be then further sorted with magnets and water solutions. The fine particles will be then sold to manufacturers.

Recycling old office phones ensures that every part of your used IT equipment can be utilized, whether intact or in fine pieces.


Donate your used VOIP Equipment

If you cannot think of anything else, just donate your used equipment. By donating your VoIP equipment like old business phones, servers, or connectors, to charity can earn your business tax write-offs that, in a way, will help you recoup a certain value off your initial investment.

It is certainly a better way than illegally dumping your e-waste.

Now when you know that your old and obsolete equipment still holds value, you might want to resell, recycle, or donate them. Whatever your choice may be, keep Telecom Recycle in mind. 

Contact us to get an exclusive and fair quote for your sellable IT equipment. Submit the bid form with all the equipment details and we’ll get back to you soon!

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