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3 common Used telecom equipment buying & selling myths debunked

Used Telecom and IT equipment buying & selling myths debunked

Second-hand goods. Despite being the best ‘value-for-money’ option to prevail in the modern electronic age, old and used equipment has a number of myths associated with them. And that’s not just for electronic goods, people would ask/get asked when dealing with anything second hand.

These, more often than not, baseless preconceptions make organizations miss out on a great opportunity to buy or sell their working equipment. It is worst for companies in dire need to sell their used telephone equipment because they cannot spare extra office space for surplus equipment- be it due to technology migration, or mergers/acquisition.

We, as an ITAD company, are often swarmed with clients asking us this and that. What they heard from people, what’s prevalent, is cheap good and the likes of it. The point is, while these myths look quite convincing, there is a little to no meat to it. If nothing, they helped us create the following list of popular myths, and their views were definitely changed after knowing the truth behind them. Hope it will help change yours too!

MYTH # 1: Old is trashy.

Not true. In fact, old is often more trustworthy than its new counterpart. In this world, technology changes every few years, and that shouldn’t be the reason to completely trash the older and ‘outdated’ ones.

Think of your old desktop. Sleeker, smarter laptops might have replaced your beloved but static computers, but that doesn’t mean that they are useless. They can be a blessing for people who cannot afford $500 laptops. Let’s say they are not in a working condition to be passed to underprivileged ones. But, they still useful components that can be reused or recycled to make entirely new equipment.

Same goes for old telephone equipment. There are several companies that would willingly buy your IT assets, working or not (In case of the latter, just check with them). You can even buy amazing used equipment at a discounted rate!!

Also, illegally dumping your used IT equipment cost you a lot of your hard-earned money. The government is getting stricter with the passing time and we wouldn’t want to be a culprit, right. Not to forget the number of environmental hazards improper e-waste recycling can cause.

Thus, we can clearly say, “Old is gold”, which is literally the case here.

MYTH # 2: People only sell defective equipment.

Again, this is untrue. While one cannot rule out the possibilities, this is not true 99% of the times (at least here at Telecom Recycle). As mentioned earlier, some companies find themselves in situations where selling surplus equipment becomes a necessity more than a choice. And ITAD companies are the best option for those looking for quick disposal. This means, not all equipment sold are old and ‘on the verge of death’. In fact, we’ve had clients who sold their latest equipment just because they couldn’t place them in their budget anymore.

So, if you are in two minds about the condition of the product, just shoot your ITAD a mail and ask for picture proof.

This goes for the ones selling their equipment too. If you don’t need them, just sell them. Let your surplus be someone’s treasure.

MYTH # 3: Second-hand equipment is good only if you are low on budget.

While a part of this might be true, low-price is not the only benefit associated with second-hand equipment. For starters, by purchasing used equipment you directly help the environment by ‘reusing’ electronics. Often times, organizations that partake in such green programs are awarded certificates and certificates are always good. This adds to your brand value, increasing your brand reputation- people like to spend on ‘responsible’ companies.

As a seller, you are avoiding the penalty by turning your surplus equipment to use hands rather than just dumping.

So, whether you are in to buy or sell your used IT telephone equipment, Telecom Recycling can help you find the best options for your requirements.

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