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Why choose VoIP over an outdated phone system?

Without a telephone system, your business would have a hard time keeping up with clients and customers. A telephone system is one piece that you must need for your business. If you haven’t upgraded your phone systems to match with the upcoming technology, you will experience lots of issues. If you are unsure that your telephone system is outdated or not, here the points that will throw some light:

You are not able to get calls

Most of the old phone systems have copper lines that serve all of your phones and if those lines are tied up, the caller will get a busy signal or it could ring endlessly. There would be plenty of instances of dropped calls and this will regularly impact your business. Poor sound quality is another signal that your phone system is not reliable.

Outdated phone systems provide poor customer experience

Company directories are helpful for routing the calls to the designated person but if your phone system routes the callers with the maze of interruption without even delivering the call to the correct person can really make it difficult for the employees. This will lead to a negative experience for your clients and can impact your business.

It’s difficult for employees to use

The issue with older phone systems is that one has to go through the manual every time to perform a simple task like conference calls. Some older telephone systems make it hard to transfer phone calls without a disconnection. If the employees have to check the manual every time, then it’s a waste of time.

The features are limited

The problem with old phone systems is that the features are pretty limited like transfer a call or going for a conference call. Now, if your phone system doesn’t have common features like voice mail, syncing your contacts, then you are lagging behind the most common features.

Now, you know have an outdated phone system, you cannot use them. You might be wondering what to do with your phone system which is outdated. Don’t worry there is always an option…

Sell your Used Telephone Equipment

It won’t make any sense to dispose of your old telephone system without getting the most from it, selling used telephone equipment would make a perfect logic and it would be helpful for other businesses. If you throw your old phone system then it will only lead to a toxic environment.

Recycling outdated phone system

Recycling is another way for your outdated phone system, this option is eco-friendly. Telecom Recycle provides phone equipment recycling to businesses having expensive but outdated phone systems. This process will ensure the best returns to clients with increased material re-use.

There are lots of companies available in the market who buy a used telephone phone system, Telecom Recycle is among the most sorted companies that buy telephone equipment in bulk. You will get the ideal value of your telephone system which is the main priority of a company after selling. Telecom Recycle would take a complete back up of entire data before destroying the equipment. The selling process is simple, all you have to contact our asset team and they will get back to you and once you will agree on the price of telephone systems, our experts will perform a complete check of the telephone systems and then will finalize the deal.

How to replace an outdated phone system in your company?

VoIP is the technology which is used by almost every business, the main purpose of VoIP is to provide seamless communication between you and your client with the help of internet connection. Let’s take a look at why VoIP is more appealing to businesses than old phone systems:

VoIP saves you money

Switching to VoIP can save a lot of money for your business and it’s perfect if your business places international calls on a regular basis. The call rates for VoIP are competitive, so by using VoIP, you will tend to save money. Old phone systems, often require the purchase of expensive hardware and installation of new lines which will add to more expense to your business.

Call quality is top-notch

VoIP provides the top-notch call quality. The only way call quality can suffer in VoIP systems is because of bad internet connection. A professional VoIP service provider will provide your business with superb services. A VoIP service that is professionally set up has plenty of advantages over the conventional phone systems.

Plenty of features

Many users are amazed by the functionality of the VoIP, as it offers the ability to have the voice messages sent to your email inboxes, route calls perfectly, being able to organize conference calls and VoIP is easier to use for employees and there is no need of a manual.

VoIP gets repaired easily & it integrates well

The main problem with the old phone systems are related to hardware and can take days or weeks to solve. It doesn’t mean that VoIP is perfect, there can be problems but which can be solved in no time.

Conventional phone systems are hard to integrate with other systems in your company. VoIP doesn’t have this issue, you can easily record the voice calls and access them in your records. This will increase productivity and you will be able to monitor and refine your business processes.

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