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Don’t Let Your Business Telephone System Cause Poor Customer Service

The main aim of a business is to take care of its customers if the company will take them for granted then it could be one of the reasons why your business is failing. You can lose customers if you behave unprofessionally or the communication factor is poor. A customer expects certain things when they are dealing with an organization, they expect quality service whenever they contact your company via a call. There should be no call drops, excellent call quality, and no hold time when a potential customer is reaching out to you. You might not pay attention to your company’s telephone system and an old telephone system can cause a dip in sales. 

Ways in which your telephone system cause poor customer service

Customers are not able to connect with you 

This is the most dreadful thing for a company if a customer is not able to connect with the company. Another thing is the poor voice quality can delay the conversations and it can leave a negative impact on customers. Plus it can mean that you lose a potential customer if you are not able to hear what his proposal his. 

Another problem is dropped calls, they are way worse than poor voice quality. It makes continuous communication a difficult task. Most customers if not able to connect with you during the first attempt, it’s a rare thing that they call you again. Don’t let this be a recurring issue and migration to newer technology can be the solution. 

Customers do get connected but the hold time is forever

No customer wants to stay on hold for more than a minute, it is a major turn off for the customers. The company with old telephone systems need to manage this issue, customers might wait or they might also hang up while waiting for so long, the latter is a common scenario. Now, being on hold is bad, and old telephone systems make it worse as they don’t have new features to queue and wait times. Upgrading your old phone systems is the way to go. An updated telephone system allows providing a voice message once the caller reaches a hold limit. These options improve the total customer experience and the customer knows that you value their time. 

Customers get confused going through the call menu

A customer needs a simple thing, a direct call with the designated person, confusing them with plenty of options only confuse them. There are many businesses with phone menus quite confusing and it’s quite easy for the customers to get lost in the menu and might not able to solve their query. So, phone menus with confusing options can be a reason to make them hang up. There should not be more than 5 menu options for the customer, able to replay all the menu options.  

The relation between your current customer and organization is getting hampered

If there are drop calls, poor voice quality, confusing menus, and the customer is on hold for too long. This could make the customer lose his temper and this could harm the relationship. You could lose a business deal if the client is not impressed with your company and most probably not impressed with the unprofessional things all because of old telephone systems. The customer always is the need for perfect engagement but that is not the case when your telephone system is outdated. 

What to do with your outdated telephone system?

There are a lot of things you can do with your old telephone system like sell used telephone equipment. You can sell excess telecom equipment and recoup the maximum value for used IT assets. There are plenty of ITAD companies who are willing to buy outdated telephone equipment. You can contact Telecom Recycle because with us your data is safe with our company and our experts will take a proper backup before recycling the telephone system. We provide recycling of the highest quality so that our experts can extract data from the phone. Telecom Recycle also takes care if you want to sell excess equipment, we are capable of buying excess telecom equipment, you can contact our team and rest would be done by our experts. Our quality inspectors will do the proper inspection of the equipment and then will begin with the recycling process. 


At Telecom Recycle, you don’t have to worry about your old telephone equipment as you get a proper monetary benefit. We know that an outdated telephone system can leave your business with poor customer service. Don’t let the outdated telephone system affect your business, you can contact us via email or can directly call us at our number. 

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