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What is IT Asset Disposition and Why is it Important?

As the sophistication of IT hardware grows, the question of what to do with old IT equipment intensifies. Companies must keep their data secure and compliant and consider environmental factors by sending the old equipment for recovery. 


How do you do it? 

‘IT asset disposition is the answer because it allows companies to dispose of IT hardware. Whether upgrading, updating, or getting rid of the equipment, IT asset disposition practices support your organization’s disposal needs. 

Let’s see about IT asset disposition and why it is necessary. 


What is IT asset disposition (ITAD)? 

In simple terms, IT asset disposition is the disposal of IT hardware and other equipment that is no longer required, but it is much more than throwing away the old equipment. Proper ITAD ensures that materials get properly wiped and that all regulatory standards for data security get followed throughout the disposal process. 

ITAD deals with environmental and sustainability concerns, as old hardware can harm the ecosystems and add to the total waste on the planet without proper recycling. 

It is the reason why businesses and organizations trust professional IT asset recovery service providers such as Telecom Recycle. We help to ensure that the company’s obsolete or unnecessary hardware gets disposed of in an ideal way.   


What does ITAD do? 

IT asset disposition focuses on the following: 

  • Securing data: Old hardware may still contain data, so ITAD providers follow best practices for thorough data deletion. The storage devices get securely wiped. 
  • Recycling and reusing devices: ITAD providers dispose of various types of old hardware like IT equipment, etc. 
  • Repairing hardware: ITAD services also offer repair options for hardware so that organizations can repurpose their equipment. 

IT asset disposition companies help organizations get rid of excess IT equipment. They buy unwanted hardware. We at Telecom Recycle offer the following services: 

  • Asset management
  • Data erasure
  • Data center decommissioning 
  • Repair and return 

Why IT asset disposition is important? 

Technology is evolving and creating technological waste that comes from upgrading hardware. It makes proper disposal of the hardware a more pressing matter than in the past. And computer hardware and other components contain heavy metals, chemicals, and harmful materials. 

Here are some reasons why IT asset disposition is necessary: 

Without ITAD in place, it is risky: Plenty of companies operate without an ITAD. Data stored in IT equipment is risky when they are out into the world. It is a lot of sensitive information could going into the wrong hands. 

Free up office space: Due to the pandemic, businesses have encouraged remote work. These changes result in IT needs and IT equipment becoming surplus to requirements. Rather than leaving these devices to gather dust, businesses can generate space and even cash by using an IT asset recovery company. 

Protecting customers’ data: As clients and customers trust businesses with their data, those businesses ensure to keep their data safe. It could result in the following problems: 

  • Loss of control over your information assets.
  • Unknown whereabouts of sensitive data.
  • Critical data could get recovered by competitors.

Environmental impact: More than ever, businesses must consider the impact has on the world around them. We all have the social responsibility to protect our environment and those affected by e-waste streams. Using a certified ITAD reduces your redundant electronic’s impact. IT asset companies such as Telecom Recycle help to dispose of your devices while preventing any elements from going to landfill and damaging the earth. Refusing to use proper means to dispose of this IT equipment damages the planet, and also the reputation. 


Choose the ideal ITAD service

 Using an ITAD won’t guarantee that your company is ethically and legally compliant with the law and the environment. Although some IT recyclers assert that their process for data destruction and services is completely secure, this isn’t always the case.

Make sure the ITAD partner you selected…

  • Able to certify all of their services.
  • Frequently audited by outside organizations.
  • Current environmental policies.
  • Relevant certifications.

We work with businesses to remove and destroy data, manage logistics, and dispose of assets in a more controlled manner so they can get the most out of them. To those who inquire, we also provide comprehensive asset reporting and certificates of destruction.

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