Sell your Used Network Hardware

How and Where to Sell your Used Network Hardware?

Every business owner knows that technology will keep evolving, and for the company to excel, you need to stay updated with your network hardware/telecom equipment. But then the real question arises What to do with all your outdated used telecom equipment? Will you keep the equipment in your office and waste the precious space that can get used for another purpose? 

No, you can sell used telecom equipment to a professional ITAD vendor and get the maximum out of the equipment. 

This article focuses on why to sell: benefits, selling tips, and where to sell used network hardware.

Benefits of Selling Used Network Hardware 

There are ample reasons for selling used network hardware, and these are below: 

  • Free up the space in your company

When old network hardware is in the office takes up a lot of space that does not provide any value for the company’s growth. You can free up the space taken by the old network hardware and use it for another purpose or allot the empty space for any new vertical you want to start. 

  • The value of used network hardware deteriorates with time

There is a new model of network hardware that is available in the market. So, selling at the right time allows you to get a maximum value for your used network hardware. The old network hardware means high maintenance costs and is not profitable in the long run. 

  • Saves environment

Companies can sell the used network hardware to recycling vendors. Recycling the hardware means low harmful emissions and no negative environmental impact. Hire a professional ITAD recycling company capable of recycling used network hardware. The professional ITAD company disposes of the data with state-of-the-art methods.

  • Difficult to find spare parts for the used network hardware

Older network hardware equipment is hard to find via a vendor. And if you do find a vendor, it will be heavy on your pocket. Therefore, it is best to have a reseller equipped to deal with the old equipment. It is a better off deal than spending money every 2-3 months for your old hardware.

Recycling is not just for paper and pop, technology can be recycled too.

Tips to Sell your Network Hardware 

You can follow best practices to ensure the best price for your used network hardware equipment: 

  • Update firmware: One of the best ways to get the maximum value to your network hardware is to ensure running the latest firmware. It ensures that the devices are compatible with the latest buyers and shows the buyers that you have taken care of the hardware. 
  • Provide documentation: In addition to pictures, you can write a detailed description of the equipment. Try including information about the model, condition, and accessories. More information means it is easier for the buyers to find your listing. 
  • Offer warranty: Warranty acts as a peace of mind for the buyers, and providing it increases the chance of getting more buyers. If something goes wrong with the old network hardware, the customers can take a warranty. If you don’t want to offer a warranty, be clear about it.

Where to Sell used Network Hardware? 

There are a lot of ITAD companies out there, but you need to find the suitable one. We at Telecom Recycle specialize in buying and recycling redundant network hardware. We offer environmentally green alternatives and a complete solution for your used telecom equipment. 

Here are some reasons why our customers prefer to sell to us: 

  • You get a good value for your used network hardware. 
  • We have been in the market for a long time and have a trust factor among customers.
  • We provide complete end-to-end services from transportation, storage, and more. 
  • We use the latest recycling technology to reset all manufacturer defaults.

Do you have any used network hardware you wish to sell or recycle? Get a FREE Quote and sell us your used network hardware today!

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