Sell Your Old Telecom Equipment

Why is it Important to Sell Your Old Telecom Equipment

Technology is the backbone of every business and stays ahead of the competition. You can’t rely on the same technology for some time. As they say,” Change is the only constant.” 

The same goes with technology, it changes, and companies must adapt. And those who don’t are left behind in the race. When a company migrates or switches its business, they get left with old telecom equipment. 

Now, the problem arises what to do with all this old telecom equipment. It is not ideal for keeping the old telecom equipment as the value will only deteriorate with time. Therefore, it is better only to sell. 

This article covers the importance of selling old telecom equipment and the best possible ways to sell them. 


Importance of selling old telecom equipment

There can be lot of reasons to sell the surplus old telecom equipment. And these can be company migrating to new technology, company going out of business, company downsizing, acquisitions/mergers. All these scenarios lead to old equipment taking up space in the office. Now, let’s see the importance of selling the old equipment: 

  • Maintenance of old equipment is expensive 

Old telecom equipment demands a lot of maintenance and maintenance costs will only increase with time. The problem with old equipment is call drops, broken lines which leads to negative customer satisfaction. Even if you go with maintenance of old telecom equipment, there is a possibility that problem arises again. So, it is much better to sell old telecom equipment

  • Old telecom equipment vulnerable to outrage

Old telecom equipment are more prone to outrage and failure. It is natural because of the aging factor of the equipment. The telecom equipment outrages are physically expensive and leads to loss of sales. It can damage your brand reputation among your customers. The solution is to move to a cloud system. With moving to cloud system, there would be no broken lines or outrages. Your business will be up for 24/7 resulting in amazing customer satisfaction. 

  • It’s of no use to remote workforce 

Most businesses are in favor of remote work policy, employees are working remotely and loving it. So, when the workforce is working remotely, there is no point in using old telecom equipment. It will be surplus for the organization and impossible for the company to provide telecom equipment to every remote employee. The best solution is VoIP and selling the old telecom equipment. 

  • Old telecom equipment means old features 

The telecom industry is evolving and new features are getting rolled out every now & then. The old telecom equipment used to serve the purpose might not work now. Your telecom equipment needs to have some features. These are: 

  • Video conferencing
  • Multiple call-queues
  • Call-auto attendant
  • Desktop connection 
  • Call forwarding
  • Company going out of business or merger

Companies often go out of business or have a merger. In both cases, there is excess telecom equipment at disposal. The old/excess telecom equipment will take up a lot of office space that can get used for other purposes. Therefore, selling telecom equipment and freeing up space is better. 


Ways to sell your old telecom equipment

So, now you know the importance of selling old telecom equipment. The next part is to know the ways to sell your telecom equipment. Here are some ways to sell old telecom equipment: 

  • Donating used telecom equipment 

Donating is the best way to sell off your telecom equipment. There are a lot of smaller companies that are willing to use old telecom equipment. You can contact these companies directly and donate your old telecom equipment to them. You can also contact telecom vendors who are willing to take old telecom equipment as a donation. 

  • Reuse old telecom equipment 

If the telecom equipment is not functional, it is ideal for telecom recycling. But if the equipment is in working condition, then companies can reuse them. You can mitigate the maintenance cost of the old telecom equipment and reuse it as long as the equipment is in working condition. 

  • Recycle old telecom equipment 

Recycling your old telecom equipment is another option. You can come in contact with various ITAD-certified vendors. By recycling, you can bring a positive impact on the environment. Look for a telecom recycling company that helps to reduce the carbon footprint. The recycling methods should be by R2 (Recycling Standards) with a zero landfill policy. 

  • Resell old telecom equipment 

The final and best option is to sell your old telecom equipment. You get cash from selling old telecom equipment to the right company at the right price. When you bulk sell, then it is even better. It helps businesses in two ways, you get extra cash, and it frees up office space. You need a professional telecom recycling company capable of buying old telecom equipment with no problem & guarantee to delete the data with certified techniques. 


Telecom Recycle: Your ITAD Partner 

We buy all types of used telecom equipment at Telecom Recycle. You can contact us with your needs, and our experts will schedule a consultation. The experts will negotiate a price for your unwanted equipment. After quoting the price, our delivery team will contact you and visit the facility to collect the equipment. Our team will securely and safely dispose of the data.

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