Ways to Manage your surplus telecom equipment professionally

Ways to manage your surplus telecom equipment professionally

The telecom industry is growing with leaps and bounds. The technology and telecom equipment that gets used ten years ago is not relevant now. These old telecom equipment get replaced by technologies such as VoIP, which serves the purpose well. It helps connect with a remote team, with clients, and the equipment is less bulky than traditional telecom equipment. 

Most businesses have completed the first part of updating from their old telecom equipment to new technology. But they are stuck on what to do with their excess telecom equipment. Are you tired of managing surplus telecom equipment? This article is for you. 

Reasons why a business needs a telecom recycling company

There can be ample reasons a business needs a professional telecom recycling company. Let us take a look: 

A telecom recycling specialist helps companies to recycle their old equipment systematically.

Here are the factors to consider before choosing a telecom recycling company: 

Experience of the service provider.

A telecom recycling company with ample experience with them is the right option to choose. Go with a telecom provider having several clients and be in the industry for an extended period. Check the reviews on social media and see the positive or negative feedback. 

Security of the data

The old telecom equipment might contain sensitive information about your business. Therefore, before choosing the telecom recycling supplier you need to take the security of the data into account. A professional telecom recycling company provides productive ways to wipe the data. 

Price offered for telecom equipment

Choose a telecom recycling company that offers prices for used telecom equipment. Go with a telecom recycling company that can buy back the equipment at the best rates. 

Benefits of selling used telecom equipment

Trade your equipment

Some scenarios get rid of the equipment because of one of the reasons mentioned above. You can opt for trading your equipment with another company that can help them with meeting the criteria. This way you will get rid of the extra equipment present in your office. 

Earn some extra cash

Companies willing to sell their old telephone equipment do so for the extra cash, which is the most common reason. You can use the funds in a variety of ways within your company to improve specific areas. You can sell your equipment for cash rather than dumping it.

There are no additional costs in your company

The main benefit you will consider is the amount of money you will receive from selling surplus telecom equipment. Following the selling process, maintenance and repair costs get reduced, allowing you to save more money. You won’t have to purchase any spare parts, and your technicians will save time by not having to travel to any remote locations.

You can recycle old telecom equipment

Recycling is yet another advantage of selling used telephone equipment. Scraping is potentially harmful to the environment because metals are non-biodegradable. By scraping equipment, you can reduce the impact of scraping; we will ensure that every part gets reused. Damaged components get disposed of by our telecom experts. 

You can make much-needed office space available

Selling old equipment allows your company to free up space that got occupied by the equipment. Holding on to this equipment may result in your companies negative growth. As a result, you risk losing potential customers. It saves money on the old tool’s maintenance costs. In addition, it boosts productivity. 

Ways to get rid of your excess telecom equipment 

  • Try to reuse your old telecom equipment

It is the obvious choice for companies. If possible, then there is nothing better than to reuse the available telecom equipment. It works for organizations that are yet to move to a better alternative as VoIP. Check for the equipment that is in working condition and make a list of all the equipment.

  • Donate the excess telecom equipment.

Many organizations choose to donate their used IT and Telecom equipment to NGOs and other charity events, which is uncommon. It may not be the most cost-effective option, but it can help your company get that extra tax credit (you might want to check out with the NGO for the paperwork and all for a smoother tax deduction process). It is an effective way to get rid of old telecom equipment. 

  • Sell the telecom equipment.

It is one of the best ways to get rid of telecom equipment. As an organization, you need to look out for a professional ITAD company, to sell your telecom equipment. Selling can be a durable process and hectic if you do not perform the proper research. The telecom equipment loses out its value quickly. Therefore the companies need to act rapidly. 

We at Telecom Recycle, buy all kinds of old telecom equipment. Our process is simple, contact us with your requirements, our experts will call and fix a meeting with you. We will negotiate the price of the old telecom equipment that you want to sell. After quoting the price, our delivery team will come and collect the equipment. Our disposing team will dispose of the data by keeping the data safe and secure. 

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