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IT Liquidation Services: Reasons You Need To Upgrade Your Telephone System

Technology is evolving day by day, and companies have to stay updated to work seamlessly and outgrow their competitors. No company wants to stay behind because of outdated technology. In short, it is a liability for your business. It reduces productivity and can lead to data failures. The only solution is using IT Liquidation Services to manage the old telephone systems of your company.

Every company has telephone systems, and they need to be at the latest to carry on the various processes. If you have outdated telephone systems, it hampers everything related to your business. You must be wondering questions such as: 

  • What to do with the outdated business telephone systems?
  • Is there any replacement out there? 
  • And more.

Don’t worry. We have covered all the signs that mean your telephone system is outdated and needs replacement as soon as possible.


Sign #1. High repair and maintenance cost

A legacy phone system is expensive to maintain as they get older or are near their expiry. There are issues with the old telephone systems. The only solution left is to replace the parts. The replacement parts are hard to find. The original manufacturers won’t have the necessary support for the outdated system. 

If you can arrange the replacement parts, it can get complex to find the correct person who has the necessary expertise to replace the parts. The longer you get invested in old telephone systems, the more you have to invest. After upgrading to new technology, you will see the amount of money you can save.


Sign #2. Old phone systems have out-of-date features

Your telephone system is relevant right now, that won’t be the case after some time. The business telephone system will become obsolete with time. If the business grows, then you need extra features to make it last longer. 

You are required to have features such as video conferencing, multiple call queues, call auto-attendant and more in your existing phone systems. It will create an indefinite problem for your business. So, it is better to move on from the old telephone system.


Sign #3. Dropped and missed calls

The purpose of telephone systems is to take calls seamlessly from any location. Dropped or missed calls leave a negative impact on clients, and customer satisfaction can take a hit. 

Calls getting disconnected frequently means loss of a client, and in the case of dropped calls, the chances are slim that the client will call back. You need to pick from the conversation from where it was left.


Sign #4. You are moving business to a new location

The good thing with a business is that it grows, and when it does so, you need to expand your team and need a new office with space. In scenarios like these, relying on old telephone systems is not recommended. It takes a lot of effort and cash flow to move your entire telecom network to a new location. Replacing the old telecom equipment is the only solution. The goal is to use a telephone system that unifies the communications and administers them from a single location.


Sign #5. Call routing problems

Call routing problems are frustrating for clients and business owners. A caller gets frustrated when required navigation through a maze of calls, putting them on hold for long periods, etc. These problems are common in old telephone systems, whereas your business phone system must have the feature of customizing call routing features. If it is not possible, then upgrading your telephone system is the only feasible solution.


Sign #6. Your phone system cannot cater to remote employees

Almost every company has remote employees. Remote work is the future and will be here to stay. If your company is one of them, then what is holding you back? Most of the companies will answer that they do not have reliable telephone systems. 

If your employees receive and make a lot of calls, this is a challenge. So, the challenge arises when you want to add a new phone line not connected to the office phone, the legacy system will hold you back. If an employee is working from home, they cannot move their phone number with them. VoIP is the ideal solution as it is more flexible. 

When you move your phone system to the cloud, your employees don’t need to stay connected to the physical lines. They can get all the features while working from home by using VoIP.


Sign #7. Exhausting for the employees to use

The employees using older phone systems need to go via steps to perform even simple tasks such as conference calls. An experienced person can handle the functionality of older telephone systems. But as a fresher, it gets demanding to transfer the call without using the reading manually. When the phone system is harder to use, fewer employees will use it. 

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How Does Telecom Recycle Help You To Upgrade Old Telecom Equipment?

If you are experiencing any of the above signs, you might look to upgrade your telephone system. We at Telecom Recycle are the professionals who help you with IT liquidation services. Our liquidation experts provide a feasible and all-around solution by taking care of valuable equipment. We help you to make the transition as smooth as possible. Our liquidation expertise is: 

  • Excess equipment purchase and disposal management.
  • Green asset recycling services. 

You can contact us for IT Liquidation services for old telephone systems.

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