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Things To Consider Before Choosing An ITAD Company

Picking up the right company to sell your used phone system makes it easier to deal with them. And in the long term, it is the ideal solution to sell used phone systems. 

Those who don’t know the meaning of ITAD are an industry acronym that stands for IT asset disposition. The ITAD companies specialize in disposing of the used phone system with no problem and proper asset disposition. 

Many companies believe that they can deal with IT asset disposal by themselves. It can be true for some companies. But a riskier thing to do because it is necessary to safeguard the data when the devices get obsolete. 

So, the right ITAD company ensures that the data is erased from the device and makes sure that the old telecom equipment is disposed of responsibly.

This article will explain the things you need to consider when choosing an ITAD company. 

1. The ITAD company should offer complete life cycle management

The best ITAD companies will assist the client at each stage, from planning to the final process. Managing data center hardware is not a one-time deal but an ongoing process that takes time. 

We at Telecom Recycle will work with you as the full-service partner throughout the complete life cycle of your data center hardware and telecom equipment. 

The focus for the ITAD companies should be on security and compliance and by providing quality service. And the ITAD company should focus on contributing value to the telecom equipment.  

An ideal ITAD company is the one that provides full service with custom solutions. 

2. The ITAD companies have the necessary certificates in place

It’s important to check the credibility of the ITAD company and ensure that the vendor knows the specific industry. Hiring an ITAD company like Telecom Recycle knows what they are talking about and implements the plan accordingly. 

Here are the certifications that an ITAD company needs to have: 

  • NIST SP 800-88 compliance: NIST means National Institute for Standards and Technology. NIST 800-88 guides the companies. And the government entities are ensuring that note best practices for data destruction. 
  • ADISA certification: ADISA means the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance. It helps to conduct the audit of the companies who wish to become a part of the alliance. It supports companies looking for control around data sanitization. 
  • R2: Responsible recycling that gets administered by Sustainable Electronics Recycling International. It ensures that the recycling gets properly and companies adhere to the quality standard. 

3. Make sure the disposing process is secure

Never forget that you are selling used telecom equipment to a third-party company. You are providing them sensitive information about your company without even knowing the actual process of the company. 

So, ensure that your ITAD provider purges your telecom equipment. We at Telecom Recycle follow Department of Defense standards for wiping out data on the equipment. Plus a client, we know that you desire the telecom equipment to be carried with proper security during the transportation process. 

4. Experience of an ITAD company

First of all, look at when the ITAD company gets established and has a successful track record in providing impeccable services to the clients. 

Who are the customers, and what are their reviews about the company? It is another necessary detail that you must know before proceeding with the company. The ITAD company provides details of how many items they have wiped off that give the client the idea of the operation they run. 

A less experienced business will always have less time to develop expertise. Therefore, it’s ideal to choose one that has a handful of experience under the belt. The service shouldn’t be a headache for the client, and the schedule around the client and the company must answer any doubt. 

5. Ask them if you can visit their facility 

ITAD vendors with a good reputation have nothing to hide. They are open and will gladly give you a tour of their facility in the hopes of earning your business. An ITAD vendor says no to the tour. There are chances they won’t be transparent during the service period as well. We at Telecom recycle, won’t mind a tour at our facility, you can visit us whenever you want. 

Some more questions to ask your ITAD company

  • Do they have a knowledgeable team?
  • Does the IT asset vendor have a secure facility?
  • Is the vendor able to provide services that get tailored to your company’s requirements?
  • Do They Subcontract Any Third Parties?

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