Used Telecom IT Assets

How To Recycle Used Telecom IT Assets The Right Way!

Telecom equipment is the backbone of every business. It helps the business to grow and work seamlessly with the clients. The problem occurs when the companies are still dependent on their old telephone system for years. With the advancement of technology, telecom equipment is getting obsolete. There is a need to manage the old/unused telecom equipment. 

Companies are swiftly moving to new technologies like VoIP, and they are embracing the change. And some companies are still stuck with their used Telecom IT assets and do not know how to recycle them effectively. Our telecom experts recycle shares here to help you with your unused telecom equipment. 


Why is there a need to recycle telecom IT asset equipment? 

Unused telecom equipment covers a portion of the company. Here are some reasons why recycling IT asset equipment is the best option: 

  • They take up unnecessary space that limits the workling limitation of the company. By recycling, it can free up the space that gets utilized for other work. 
  • It helps with waste management. 
  • Recycling helps remove toxic materials like cadmium, mercury, And more. It requires professional recycling services. So these harmful chemicals do not leak out in the environment. 
  • You get cash for your used telecom equipment. 
  • Old equipment requires a lot of maintenance over time.

How to recycle used Telecom IT assets properly?

1. Sell your unused telecom equipment 

It is one of the methods to get rid of unused/obsolete telecom equipment. Selling the device is the beginning of the recycling process. Many organizations are willing to take old telephone equipment as it serves their purpose. 

The buyer will get the equipment, and you can free up the space and get the cash in return. It is a win-win for both parties. You might be thinking about the marketplace for used Telecom equipment. You can list all your old telecom IT assets on listing websites where you can reach out to potential buyers. 

The more professional approach is to go with an apt telecom recycling company that makes the selling and recycling process seamless. 

2. Choose a certified telecom IT asset recycling company

As you know, recycling can be a complex process, and being done improperly can lead to the leak of harmful chemicals. It is hazardous for the inexperienced worker and as well the environment. The ideal way is to hire a professional Telecom recycling company with proper methods of recycling. 

We at Telecom Recycle keep all the measures in check while performing IT recovery asset management. We are committed to providing clients across the globe with the best recycling and disposal services. Our experts perform the R2 (responsible recycling) standards set by the state, and you’ll get the maximum value of your old telephone equipment. 

We provide hand disassembly recycling for the equipment that is fragile. The data destruction gets done by our experts with utmost precision in less time. It is the best method for IT asset recovery, and our experts are available and ready to come up to your office to pick up the used equipment. 

3. Sell old equipment back to telecom manufacturers 

Telecom manufacturers have an exchange policy, ready to buy back your old IT asset telecom equipment for a fair price. You can purchase new telephone equipment from them in case they provide a discount. The manufacturers know how to dispose of your old telecom equipment without the chance of any data leak. We at Telecom Recycle have the importance of data, and therefore we use state-of-the-art technology to make the recycling process seamless. Our fully automated data cleansing solutions help sensitively destruct the data that saves time, and we keep our customers in the loop during the whole process. We also provide certifications for the destruction of the old telecom equipment processed by our experts. 

4. Donating to a business 

You can always search for NGOs that need old telecom equipment. NGOs are ok with the unused IT telecom asset equipment as they don’t require any high-end equipment. The benefit of donating it to a specific NGO is that the device won’t get wasted while being kept in the office for long.  

The donation is not only limited to the NGO but can be done to startups as well. Before donating to the business, you need to ensure that the telecom equipment is in working condition and you have taken a complete backup of all your data.


Reasons to choose Telecom Recycle for the recycling of IT assets?

We at Telecom Recycle have the experience of the proper recycling of Telecom IT assets and help our customers through the whole process of recycling from start to end. Here are some more reasons you can trust us for your IT asset recovery management: 

  • We have all the necessary certifications. 
  • Quick liquidation of your used telephone equipment. 
  • We help the companies to recoup the maximum value of their used telecom equipment. 
  • We manage the disposal process of assets during the recycling process.

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