Sell Old IT Equipment

Ideal Ways to Sell Old IT Equipment

The telecom industry is evolving, and the equipment that worked previously might not work in the future. Organizations cannot afford their business to be a possibility. Therefore, they have to make sometimes hard decisions about selling their old equipment. 


And there are plenty of reasons why an organization looks to sell old IT equipment that is: 

  • Excess telecom equipment
  • A company going out of business
  • Company downsizing
  • Mergers/acquisitions
  • Recoup maximum value

If you are an organization looking to sell its old office equipment, then this article is for you.

  • Reasons to sell your old office equipment
  • Benefits of selling old IT equipment 
  • Ways to sell used telecom equipment 
  • Telecom Recycle: Your Ideal ITAD partner 


Reasons to Sell your Old Office Equipment 

  • Old IT equipment cost too much. 

There are chances that old office IT equipment will cost much more with the on-site equipment, maintenance, and new lines. And in the long run, it will turn out to be expensive for the company. It is one of the solid reasons why a company looks to sell the equipment. 

After selling the old IT equipment you can switch to VoIP, a better option than telephone equipment. You can save up to 60% of your cost by shifting to VoIP. 


  • Old features create issues for your business.

It is 2022, and new features are coming out every week at a rapid pace. The IT equipment used to serve the purpose before might not work. Your old IT equipment might not handle the processes. Here are some features that your telecom IT equipment must have: 

  1. Video conferencing
  2. Multiple call-queues
  3. Call-auto attendant
  4. Desktop connection
  • Old IT equipment is vulnerable to outrage.

Old IT equipment is prone to failure because of aging equipment. These outrages can be physically expensive and cause lost sales and damage your brand reputation in the long run. The solution is to sell your old equipment and move to a cloud phone system, as there will be no more outrages and no more broken lines. Your business will be up 24/7 for better customer satisfaction. 


  • Old IT equipment is of no use to remote employees.

Nowadays, most companies favour a permanent WFH policy, and even employees are ok with the unprecedented change. Is your company one of them? 

Then you don’t want your old IT equipment holding your remote employees back. It is not an easy task for the company to provide every employee with telecom equipment at their home. It is a daunting task to move the infrastructure increases the cost. The best option is to move to VoIP. 



Benefits of Selling Old IT Equipment 

There are various benefits of selling your old IT equipment given below: 

  • Selling old IT equipment and freeing up office space.

When the organization is downsizing or has excess telecom equipment, you need to sell them. And selling the surplus IT equipment frees up ample space in the office. Keeping the used IT equipment longer than usual can have an impact on the growth of the company. Old IT equipment demands more maintenance which leads your workplace to lose productivity. 


  • The value gets deteriorates with time.

It is common sense that the value of IT equipment decreases with time. And there is always an upgrade available for a new model. Therefore, selling them at the right time will be the right choice for the company. The cash you will receive from selling can get invested to buy new equipment. 


  • Get extra funds to buy new office IT equipment. 

Buying new office equipment can be costly, and you can sell the old equipment to get extra cash. By selling you get half of your initial investment in the old equipment. You can read reviews on social media, and if there are negative reviews, you should stay away from the vendor. You must sell the excess telecom equipment to a company willing to provide cash for old telecom equipment. 


  • Difficult to find spare parts for old IT equipment. 

Old telecom equipment parts are tough to find. Even if you find a vendor, they will be expensive. Therefore, rather than maintaining it is better to sell the equipment to the reseller equipped to deal with the old IT equipment rather than spending money every 2-3 months to fix the old one. 


Ways to Sell Old IT Equipment 

  • Donate used telecom equipment 

The ideal way to get rid of your old IT equipment is to donate them to the right place. Your excessive IT equipment can be new for some companies. Now, the real question is where to donate the old IT equipment as there are companies in the market. These companies will take the old IT equipment and donate it to the NGO. The company donating the IT equipment needs to ensure they are in working condition. 


  • Recycling the old IT equipment 

When the equipment has no value and is not in working condition, it is ideal for telecom recycling. You must go with a professional telecom recycling company as they can help to recycle and reduce the carbon footprint during the process. Choose a company with high environmental standards and maintains the best practices for responsible recycling. 


  • Resell the old IT equipment 

The final and the best option is to sell the old IT equipment. You get cash by selling the equipment to the right company at the right price. If you bulk sell, it is even better. It helps you in two ways. You get extra cash, and second, it frees up your office space. You need to find a telecom recycling company capable of buying the IT equipment with minimum fuss and providing you with the guarantee of deleting the data with certified techniques. 



Telecom Recycle: Your Ideal ITAD partner 

At Telecom Recycle, we buy all types of old office equipment. You can contact us with your requirements, and our experts will set up a meeting with you. The experts will negotiate a price for the old IT equipment you’d like to sell. Our delivery team will contact you and visit the facility to collect the equipment after quoting the price. Our team will dispose of the data safely and securely.


Looking to sell your used telecom equipment? Telecom Recycle is the ideal place to get value back from old telecom equipment. Call us at tel: 1-888-900-7605 or send your details to

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