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Are You Still Using a Legacy Telephone System? Now is the Time to Switch.

Without a telephone system, your business faces several issues like staying in contact with clients and also keeping employees in the loop. Even if the technology is improved, then also you will need a telephone system but with migration to newer technology, you will be left behind. And the problem occurs when the telephone system is old and it starts hampering the business. You might be extra careful with your old telephone system but you cannot stop common phone problems. This article will narrow down the problems you face with your old telephone systems and what’s the solution. 

Limitation of Old Telephone System

  • Limited Features 

Everyone thinks that the features present in the telephone system are more than enough but that’s the not case. If your business is growing at a rapid pace, you need extra features to be efficient. For example, if you need a video or telecom conferences during the remote working and does your phone system support that? So, these limited features can hamper the growth of your company. 

  • Cannot support multiple lines

The biggest problem with the old telephone system is that you won’t be able to add plenty of telephone lines. When there are lots of calls coming and most of them are sent to waiting, then it can leave a bad experience of the customer. 

  • Old telephone systems are hard to update and become old

This is going to happen somewhere down the line when you have bought a new office or inclined towards new technologies. Because of this your current phone system becomes outdated. The solution for this is to update your telephone system to stay ahead of the business. Regular updating your phone system every 6 years is the best way to do this. 

VoIP Is The Perfect Solution

VoIP offers mode than just calls

The benefit of VoIP is that it supports video calls, screen sharing, and also video conferencing. If someone is out on the field or he is not able to take up calls, VoIP offers chat features to stay connected with your clients. It offers a wider range of communication from one system i.e. why it’s beneficial than old telephone systems. 

VoIP is less costly than traditional telephone systems

This is a no-brainer, as VoIP works via the internet, the cost is lower than that of old telephone systems. The international calls can come at cheaper rates and the monthly plans are also less expensive in the long run. The costs are also lower because you don’t need to install new lines for each office. 

The quality offered in VoIP is excellent 

This is another major reason why VoIP is better than traditional phone systems. There is less chance of call drops, no more call waiting, voice and video quality is also top-notch. Plus VoIP can be accessed from anywhere. 


What to do with your old telephone system?

The best option is selling your old telephone system and you can recoup the maximum value for used IT assets. This option is best rather than keeping your old telephone system in your office. It would take the precious space and the value would get depreciated with time. 

The other method is telecom equipment recycling, there are a lot of telephone recycling companies that are ideal for telecom and IT recycling. These companies take your old telephone phone systems can recycle them and in return, you will get the adjusted amount and your valuable data. The whole process is transparent and Telecom Recycle provides the maximum cash for your excess telecom equipment. 

We buy working, outdated, and excess telecom equipment. You can easily submit your details in the contact form and our team will come in contact with you regarding all the details. Once all the details are finalized, our quality inspectors will inspect the equipment and will provide the proper quote about the old telephone systems. 

Make A Correct Decision For Your Business

Considering a move to VoIP makes sense and if you keep working with the old telephone system then you’ll be left behind from your competitors. And for many businesses, there is no reason to delay the switching to a technology that will influence the shape of your business. 

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