Outdated Business Phone System

5 Ways an Outdated Business Phone System is Failing Your Business

Whenever a new smartphone comes out in the market, we run to buy it as quickly as possible. We want the latest technology for ourselves as an investment. But we don’t apply the same mentality for our office phone systems. We allow old business phone systems to acquire space, and this hampers the company’s ability to perform simple tasks. And failing customers in any way is worse. If you are using outdated technology, you could be missing opportunities to connect with potential customers. Your business phone system’s quality of service determines whether you gain sales. 

Check out these five ways your old business phone system can fail your business:

Customers Are On The Hold Forever

No one likes to wait on a call, but for some, the experience is too much. According to a study by AT&T, more than 70% of telephone calls go on hold. The way you manage this experience can make or break the ability to retain the customers. Here is another statistic, which shows around 34% of callers hang up while waiting on hold will not call back again. That gets considered as a potential business you’ve lost to your competitors. 

Being on hold is considered to be a bad customer experience, and many phone systems allow you to manage this process for efficiency, quality, and control. But if your company still relies on the outdated phone system, there are fewer options available. An upgrade to new telephone equipment can solve this problem, which would improve the customer experience.

Customers Go Through A Menu Maze

When a potential customer calls your business, they want to talk to a designated person. But when they have to go through plenty of menus, it’s easier for them to make a mistake. And going through again, the whole menu can be a tiresome process. So, business phone systems with confusing options can be a reason for customers to hang up the call. You can avoid these negative experiences by: 

  • Less than five options per menu
  • Ability to replay all the menu options
  • Ability to connect directly to an agent

Difficult For The Customers To Connect With You

It is another disadvantage of old telecom equipment when the customers are not able to connect with your business. It can be due to below-par voice quality that can hamper the conversation that customers are not even clear of what you are saying. Your customers will end up associating this substandard call quality with the overall image of your business. Dropped calls are another issue that leaves a terrible impression on the customers. It makes it impossible for the customers to contact, and a dropped call when discussing something important can harm the company’s reputation.

It Hampers Your Business Reputation 

When a customer experiences below-par voice quality, waiting on hold, dropped calls, and confusing menus can represent an unprofessional behavior and show that you are not sincere enough for your business. It can mean losing clients regularly, meaning saying bye to your reputation. If you cannot give better customer satisfaction, then there are enough companies ready to take your business.

It Can Frustrate Customers Waiting On Hold

Old telecom equipment doesn’t have many options. And it also lacks when the customer is on the hold. They don’t offer hold recordings, which can result in 90% of callers will hang up in 40 seconds. Playing music or recordings can keep your callers occupied as they wait to speak to representatives. Include sales offer or product information to hold on to the customers. And a message on hold results in a 40% increase in retention.

Conclusion – Solution For Outdated Business Phone System

If you have surplus telecom equipment at your disposal, then don’t continue using it. The ideal solution is to replace it with a new business phone system. Now the question arises what to do with the outdated business phone system?  

There are various benefits to sell used telecom equipment, and we at Telecom Recycle are the ideal solution for old telecom equipment. We provide the recycling of the highest quality so that our experts can extract the data from your outdated telecom equipment. We are capable of buying excess telecom equipment. Our quality inspectors do the proper inspection of the telecom equipment and then begin with the recycling process.

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