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Things to Look Before Choosing A Telecom Recycling Company?

An organization can grow exponentially, and this can lead to surplus stock of old telephone equipment. The organization needs to find a way to dispose of, recycle their business telephone systems. Most businesses are clueless and try to do the disposing process themselves and end with costing the organization more than necessary. The best way to overcome this problem is by hiring a professional telecom recycling company, it will help with asset recovery management, telecom recycling, liquidation services, etc.

Reasons Why A Business Require Telecom Recycling Company

  • The organization is looking to migrate to newer technology.
  • When a company is going out of business and planning to shut down operations completely.
  • If your business has a surplus & excess telecom equipment they are looking to sell.
  • The telephone equipment is damaged or worn out during the shifting process.
  • The company is downsizing itself.
  • The company has undergone an acquisition or merger.

A professional telecom recycling service provider is the specialist that can streamline the whole process of recycling old equipment while minimizing the cost of the company during mergers or migration to a new office. Consider the factors given below before choosing a telecom recycling company:

Experience Of The Company

If an organization wants to sell or recycle their old telephone systems, a telecom recycle company with experience under their belt is the perfect option. Look for a provider with a large client base and prefer the one who is locally active in your area for years. Try and verify the quality of their work on Yelp or similar websites.


It is a no-brainer to choose a telecom recycling company that provides maximum value for your old telecom business phone system. Try to back the initial investment made by you on the telephone equipment. Don’t blindly choose a telecom recycling company i.e. offering you a good value, research their reviews, etc.

Security Of Your Data

Your organization’s old business phone system contains the company’s sensitive data. You need to take this point into account before trusting a telecom recycling company with your data. The ideal IT asset recycling company must have transparent and effective ways to safely wipe your data. As an organization, the telecom recycling company must keep you in the loop with regular updates and provide certification after data destruction.

Environment-Friendly Recycle Of Telephone Equipment

Choose a telecom recycling company that works according to standard recycling standards. The company should have a zero-landfill policy and shouldn’t deposit the waste materials into the sea. The disposable gets done systematically, you won’t face any penalty.

The Company Should Offer A Pick & Drop Facility

For a hassle-free experience with your excess telecom equipment, you need a perfect transport facility. The telecom recycling company you choose must provide picking all the excess business phone systems from your office and safely get them to their company. It helps the business to easily raise a request and utilize the pick & drop facility.

Telecom Recycle – Your Ideal Telecom Equipment Recycling Partner

All the above criteria get met by Telecom Recycle. Plus we have all the necessary certifications, and we are ISO (14001) certified. We provide fast and fair liquidation of your used telephone equipment in the US. Our focus is to assist companies of all sizes and while doing it in an environmentally friendly way. We are specialists in asset recovery and management. We help companies to recoup the maximum value of their used telecom equipment.

We provide services like asset recovery management which includes asset buyback, the company helps you get maximum return on your used equipment. We also help manage the disposal process of assets in our recycling service. Our experts help to destroy the data properly. If you are ready to sell your telecom equipment at Telecom Recycle, get a free quote from here.

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