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Top 5 Benefits of Proper IT Asset Disposition

E-waste and irresponsible dumping of IT assets is a concern worldwide. While we cannot put a stop on growing technology, we can very well control how we dispose of our e-waste.

It’s either you do it yourself (risky) or hire an IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) agency.

We would suggest the latter, for reasons varied. For one, your old and obsolete IT assets (like used telecom equipment) were once used to store and transmit crucial and confidential information. If not disposed of correctly, i.e. with 100 percent data erasure, they may pose a security risk to the company (or the nation, if your information is that crucial).

Thus, efficient ITAD is pivotal. Organizations get it. This is apparent with how ITAD market is growing at an impressive rate. What was once valued at USD 10.12 Billion (in 2015), is now expected to reach USD 20.09 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 9.83% during the forecast period – according to a new report shared by Markets and Markets.

There is a lot to ITAD than just data erasure. This article includes everything you need to know about safe and responsible IT Asset Disposition and more!

Key Elements Of A Comprehensive Asset Disposition Program

Let’s begin by understanding the basics of ITAD.

As described by, IT asset disposition (ITAD) is the business built around disposing of obsolete or unwanted equipment in a safe and ecologically-responsible manner.

A well-planned asset disposition program adheres to four key steps:

Transportation and logistics The process of sorting out your old and surplus IT assets according to reusability, labeling them, and then transporting them to the place of ultimate destruction.

– Refurbishing – After we have the equipment sorted in terms of usability, we know what can be reused and restored. Or resold, at market prices.

Data destruction The most crucial component. It is to ensure all your data is destroyed, with verification. Data destruction certificates are crucial for audit purposes.

– Recycling and Reporting – The last of the ITAD is recycling. If your equipment is listed as ‘not-reusable’, it will be sent off for recycling. Here, the equipment will be ‘operated’ on to fish out reusable components and elements. The rest would be responsibly incinerated.

To sum up, the ITAD company you’ve hired takes care of our e-waste (let’s say, surplus or used phone equipment) by segregating the useful (for reuse), porting the waste stuff for data destruction (confidential data that can pose threat to your organization), and sending off them to meet their pre-decided end (recycling/incineration). All while ensuring privacy, security, and environmental compliance, helping you recoup the maximum value off used IT assets.

Five Benefits of A Responsible ITAD Program

Efficient ITAD comes with a plethora of benefits. We are listing the top five below:

1. Inventory Management: E-waste Crisis, Averted…

We need IT gadgets (in one form or the other) to run a business. We need telephones, systems, plugs…. the list is endless. And as we grow, technology also grows. Telephones (landlines) become obsolete, systems upgrade. Crisis.

By onboarding a standard and efficient ITAD program, we are not only helping avert the oncoming (or present) crisis, we are also making the most out of it (more on it later). We know the exact number of IT assets, all labeled and disposed of in a responsible manner.

2. Controls Logistics Costs

Imagine having to dispose of your used IT equipment on your own. Imagine the stress that is gathering, sorting, labeling, packing, removing, refurbishing, reselling, and recycling, on top of the main workload. Imagine losing, missing, breaking, your once valued equipment. Just imagine…

By hiring an ITAD company for your obsolete IT assets, you are actually saving yourself time and money. Plus, stress. Running a business is no joke.

They will take care of everything – and logistics costs. And with assured reporting, so you know what is happening to your lovable assets.

3. Ensures Disposal With A Complete Data Security

Safe and verified data erasure is the most important thing that comes from ITAD. Irresponsible data destruction off old equipment can lead to data breach harming the organization and its associates.

ITAD ensures all your data is responsibly destroyed (even getting you a certificate for verification) before sending it for recycling, reusing or reselling.

4. Regulates Environmental, Corporate Laws And Compliance

Responsible asset disposition expects you to follow various environmental, local/national, and corporate laws and regulations, including the ones set for the industry your business falls under. Failing to adhere might lead to public embarrassment, trust-breach, and lots of fines.

Not recommended, guys.

Thankfully, every ITAD company ensures all your disposition is done adhering to the set laws and regulations.

5. Maximum Value Recovery

Nowadays asset disposition isn’t just expenditure. It also translates to asset recovery – meaning, the revenue (or value) you get by reselling or refurbishing your electronic waste. A well-planned ITAD program helps recover most out of your used IT and telecom equipment directly (by reselling costs, elements recovered during recycling) and indirectly (by saving you from breaching compliance and the resultant, penalty).

Overall, ITAD is critical to your organization. And you should not skip this option when the time arises.

Do you have old and obsolete IT assets that you will like to dispose of, responsibly? At Telecom Recycle, we take care of all your surplus telecom equipment assets. With care & due certifications.

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