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Moving Offices? Here’s Why You Should Sell Your Old Telecom Equipment.

Relocating is a difficult decision. As an entrepreneur, you have got a lot going on your mind. You’ve bills to pay, connections to sort, assets to move, office structure to plan. Your checklist is pretty long.

It’s understood you cannot take everything with you. There will be stuff you drop simply because it’s kind of space-consuming. Or it is too old and outdated to fit your new, dashing office.

Like telecom equipment. At least the ones that were launched some serious years back and are no longer useful to your business.

Wonder what you can do with all that extra stuff? You’re in luck. There’s a good number of ITAD companies that will be elated to take care of your used or surplus telecom equipment. Including Telecom Recycle.

You might be wondering – how would I know the real value of my old IT asset? Valid question. Everyone wants value for money; you might be worried about being scammed. And this uncertainty can make you rethink your decision to proceed with reselling.

Hang on there.

Your old telecom equipment still holds value, even if it’s no longer functioning. ITAD companies would willingly take in your assets and give you the market’s best price for it. Of course, you won’t get anywhere near what you initially paid for the item – the IT assets tend to depreciate in value about 4 to 5% every month after first use. And the demand for telecom equipment fluctuates too often. To make sure, you may want to get your assets value-checked and evaluated as per the latest market stats. At Telecom Recycle, we can help assess your used telecom equipment to identify it’s real value and if it’s fit for reselling.

Reasons Why Customers Trust Telecom Recycle

Once you’re happy with the quote, you’ll be left with two options. You can either sell them off for cash or ship them for recycling if they are no longer good for second (or third) use. Either way, you’ll have somebody using your once valued asset. And you’ll get a good price in return.

Before you move ahead with selling or recycling, make sure your data is destroyed ethically. Seems obvious, right? You’ll be surprised to know how many new-old businesses face this ethical and legal issue of data breach yearly. IT asset and disposition companies like us follow stringent data protection practices to ensure your sensitive data is safe with you.

We don’t just jump into the buying mode. We take our time analyzing your assets, organizing and labeling them so you know what exactly you’re selling and its attributes, documenting them for tracking, picking up packed goods from your place, and then sending them off to wherever it’s aimed for. We make sure to keep you in the loop all the time. You’ll receive data destruction and recycling certificates to show your assets have been disposed off responsibly.

Apart from this, there are a plethora of other reasons that draw customers to us. Including:

Reputation: We are a recognized ITAD company with numerous certifications and years of experience under our belt.

Transparency: Everything that goes with your asset will be reported to you in real time.

Documentation: We keep everything documented, from asset details to delivery and beyond. You may ask for it whenever.

Best practices: We are a responsible and ethical organization. We make sure your assets are wiped clean of information and disposed off responsibly.

Things You Can Sell To Us

We can take care of all of your telecom assets, including:
● VOIP equipment
● IP phones
● Desk Phones
● Business Phones
● Office Phones
● Conference Phones
● Networking Hardware – routers, switches & more

Popular Brands We Buy

We work with a list of well-known brands including Avaya, Cisco, Citel/MCK, Mitel/Inter-tel, Nortel, Polycom, ShoreTel, Spectralink, Toshiba, Lifesize, Aastra, Plantronics, Yealink and more.

Can’t see your brand here? No worries, just drop us a line and we’ll help you with it. You can contact us on 1-888-900-7605 today!

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