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How Asset Recovery Management Can Help Your Dispose Old Telecom Equipments

Companies are evolving, and so are their ways of doing business. While IT companies are trying their best to match the current technology, left with outdated and old telecom equipment. 

These old equipment are coming to the end of their life cycle. So, have to get replaced because the company is growing or relocating their business. 

Does the question arise of what to do with the outdated telecom equipment that is still present? You can’t dispose of it because there are chances of security leakage. The best option is IT asset recovery management.


How IT Asset Recovery Services Help You?

Here are a few things you should know about asset recovery management: 

  • You free up space. 

After a point, it gets difficult to store all the equipment. The reason is it will take up a lot of space. You need to have a designated area in your office only for storage. 

The risk is you lose quite a lot of space that can get used for other beneficial work. By having an asset recovery plan, you don’t have to store the equipment at your office. There would be no security risk, and you can dispose of the old telecom equipment with ease. 


  • It bolsters your budget.

Wiping out the old telephone equipment is a boon to a company. First, they get to work on the new technology. They get extra cash by selling them to a professional ITAD company. 

Selling your old telecom equipment helps recoup the cost of purchasing the new equipment. There are reasons to get rid of the old equipment, but this one works the best. 


  • It is beneficial for the environment.

Old telephone equipment that gets disposed of is ideal for environmental damage. Recycling is beneficial as a whole. The scenario is to choose a professional telecom recycling company that can help dispose of the old equipment.

When you choose asset recovery, you extend the usable life. It increases the time between production and recycling. 


  • You comply with privacy laws.

Wiping off the data by yourself might take a lot of time. There is a possibility of data leakage. When you partner with an ITAD service provider, you can trust that all the data will get erased systematically. 

You can market the devices again on your requirements. It complies with the privacy laws.


Ways to maximize your IT asset recovery 

As companies shift to new technologies, they need to focus on their old telephone equipment. To maximize your IT asset recovery, use these tips: 


  • Know when is the right time to dispose of telecom equipment

A common challenge a company faces is when to dispose of their old telecom equipment. 

You can look at several signs that’ll make your decision easier. You need to pay attention and see if the telecom equipment is not meeting your requirements. Selling the equipment will recoup the cost. 

Another thing you can look at is the maintenance costs. When telecom equipment is outdated; it requires regular maintenance that costs money to the company. 

A professional asset recovery provider is ideal as they have a deep understanding of the resale channels when you sell older telecom equipment


  • Repair your old telecom equipment.

Your old telecom equipment has served its purpose. Now, when the right time arrives to sell it. The telecom equipment has to be in working condition. If the equipment gets damaged, you will not get maximum value. 


Keep your old telephone equipment in good shape: 

  1. Have a space to handle the equipment.
  2. Ensure your team understands the value of the old telecom equipment. 

  • Choose a certified ITAD vendor.

Asset recovery should be the main priority for a company when disposing of their old telephone equipment. Choose a professional vendor that’ll help you offload the used IT equipment. 

It is a long-term investment while working with an ITAD provider. Therefore, you require a provider with a focus on IT asset recovery.


How Telecom Recycle Completes The Asset Recovery?

Our recovery team is prompt and dedicated to systematic asset recovery for all our clients. 

We help companies in removing data with our specialized methods. We also provide complete asset reporting and certificates of disposal. 


Here are our steps for the asset recovery process: 

Step 1: Collection

Our team will come in contact with the client and will know the requirements. Our experts will visit your location and carefully pack all the old telecom equipment. All the items get handled with care to ensure no physical damage.


Step 2: Receiving 

Upon the arrival of old telecom equipment, they undergo quality checks, verify if they are in working condition or not. 


Step 3: Processing

The final process takes place after all the necessary checks get done. The data gets erased by using clearing, purging, or physical destruction. All the units after the data destruction get done are checked with quality assurance. 


Step 4: Reporting

The client receives a certificate of destruction and recycling after the disposing. 



Asset recovery can’t be ignored by the companies as it offers unmatchable benefits. Implement asset recovery for all your old telecom equipment and stay ahead of the competition. With our asset recovery, you won’t face any problems while disposing of your old telephone equipment. 

For expert and trusted support with your IT asset recovery needs, contact Telecom Recycle and leverage our experience working with the biggest companies in the market.

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