Avaya 4600 Series 1 IP Phones

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The Avaya 4600 Series 1 IP Telephones allow enterprises to use Voice over IP (that is, packet-switched networks) instead of telephony over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). However, the use of data networks for transmitting voice packets poses the problem that data networks were not designed for the specific qualities required by voice traffic.
  • Avaya 4600 Series 1 IP Phones

    Avaya 4606 D01 IP Phone (108627696, 108576836)

  • Avaya 4600 Series 1 IP Phones

    Avaya 4606 D02 IP Phone (700059314, 700059322)

  • Avaya 4600 Series 1 IP Phones

    Avaya 4612 D01 IP Phone (108690447, 108690470)

  • Avaya 4600 Series 1 IP Phones

    Avaya 4612 D02 IP Phone (700059355,700059363)

  • Avaya 4600 Series 1 IP Phones

    Avaya 4624 D01 IP Phone (108576894, 108576802)

  • Avaya 4600 Series 1 IP Phones

    Avaya 4624 D02 IP Phone (700059397)

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